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Supporting the right to vape – testimonials

Health experts state that vaping is around 95% less harmful than smoking and by switching to vape products smokers can significantly improve their health. Millions of people around the world have successfully used e-cigarettes to kick their addiction to cigarettes and these products should be regulated sensibly and made widely available.

Below in no particular order are some of the many 100s of international responses collected from our petition to date. Note that all respondents have given permission for their details & comments to be used here. Some respondents have requested anonymity, but their comments speak volumes.

Note: All respondents certified electronically they were of legal age and could participate in the Support the right to vape petition in their country of residence, without repercussions.  To ensure authenticity, the IP address of all respondents was logged. To protect the privacy of respondents, email addresses and surnames have been stripped from all responses.

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Magda Many people are dependent on something other than their brain power, and it appears that vaping is less harmful than drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. Vaping doesn't affect those sitting near people with this ridiculous habit. Vaping does not stink out an area where the vaperers are vaperising. Vaping would also eliminate the disgusting and filthy, untidy habit of dropping cigarette butts wherever the smoker has finished dragging.
MarioVaping has saved my life.
I managed to quit smoking while patches, champix, hypnosis has not worked for me.
Banning vaping or over regulating it is an ethical crime to humanity.
PaulAnything that reduces forced non-smoker exposure to the 443 toxins of second-hand smoke is good. Nicotine-vaping for cigarette smokers would contribute to this.
RodThe AMA has taken an aggressive and essentially unhelpful position against vaping, consistent with the privileged position of the (largely) academic domination of that organisation and its associated "left wing" rigid outlook. Unfortunately it is thus distanced from the humanity we once associated with the medical profession. This will condemn smokers to illness or death who would otherwise have survived with the help of vaping.
I used to smoke and shisha the worse it was fun when i didnt know about vape
When i start vape i feel damn good and happy no hedach no smell on my mouth. And never feel thursty at night. So what els one smookers want when everything is fine with him/her while vaping. So vape must not be banned.
ScottThe *only* thing that got me off the cig's. Now almost 18 months without a cigarette and nicotine levels reduced to less than 2mg with a plan to reduce them to zero by January 2017.

This is after 30 years of smoking Marlboro at a min of a packet a day. Previously tried med's like Zyban etc, patches, gum, lozenges, inhalers, sprays and even hypnotherapy. None of it worked, yet I quite smoking with e-cigs first time.

The nonsense about being a "pathway" to cig's and how smokers end up vaping and smoking is soul destroying as this product actually works.
VeronicaI object to the Government raising the tax on cigarettes for smokers (which is a legal drug), when alcohol is far more damaging to health as well as leading to domestic violence & violence in the streets. So why pick on smokers? It is picking on one section of society purely as a big revenue raiser. If this was not so, WHY DON'T THEY BAN THEM ALTOGETHER??? The Government won't allow E-Cigarettes & other Vape products to be sold, because there is not enough revenue in it for them. They don't give a damn about peoples health.
I would certainly give E-Cigarettes a go if it were not banned.
YvonneVaping saved my lungs and possibly my life. I am getting fitter, breathe better, taste and smell better. 100% win!
AdamMy life has been forever changed since quitting cigarettes and using an electronic vape device. My health has drastically improved and I wished that I had found electronic cigarettes earlier. I only wish that the information surrounding these was easier to access and hope that many more smokers can find this life changing way as well. Thank you for your hard work to help this become a reality
Name withheldI do not vape but believe that everyone has the right to a less harmful alternative to smoking
RobOver 3 years smoke free after 24 years trapped by the addiction of death thanks to vaping. I’ve never felt better, I’ve never smelt better, I’ve never been able to breathe better. Vaping saves lives, no butts about it!!



JackieVaping is the only method that worked for me, and helped me finally get away from tobacco cigarettes. I was a 30 year plus, 2 package a day smoker prior to trying vaping as a safer alternative. 95% safer if not more as endorsed by the Royal College of Physicians in Great Britain.
LarryI was a 20 year, 1 pack a day smoker. I tried to quit at least fifteen times using various methods such as cold turkey, Zyban, Chantix, and NRT products with no success. I had given up on trying to quit smoking even while my breathing and smokers cough became worse and worse. Thankfully, I was introduced to vaping by a co-worker three years ago. I quit smoking the same day I bought my first vaping device, something I never believed could happen. My health has improved greatly, I'm able to play sports and go on long hikes. I believe that vaping has saved my life!
MarionWhether any ban on vaping is an indication of innocence, ignorance, or corruption doesn't matter; the result is a direct assault on the health (and freedom) of individuals.
MarshalVape on! Vape strong! Screw the tobacco chains!
RobinI was a smoker for over 30 years in the end I had s hard time breathing was coughing up stuff from my lungs but still had the cig everyday I think even if I was told I would die if I didn't quit I would try but don't feel I would quit completely. I have been vaping over a yesr and haven't touched a cig since I can breath again no longer coughing and I have reduced my nic down to 3mg from 18mg I'm actually scared that they will ban vaping before I reach my goal and all my efforts will be wasted and I will start smoking again. Please don't take my life i wanna live smoke free.


Responses from Finland, France and Honduras