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Supporting the right to vape – responses

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Saudi Arabia

AbdulIf vaping gets banned people who wanna leave this cigarettes(cancer) will have no other way.i was addicted to cigarettes since age 14 and at 16 I found vaping.after doing it for sometime I really thank vaping for changing my life and cigarettes are pure cancer (which I'm safe from now) and on top of that why is even vaping going to be banned ?
DarrielI'm Darriel Colorado, 29 years old and I'm a smoker for 15 years. I usually consume 7-10 cigarette per day but if there are occasions and gathering I ended up smoking 15-20 cigarettes in one sitting. Then I tried vaping last February 2016 and up to now, I didn't lit a single cigarette any more. Vaping helped me to quit smoking and I can see positive changes in my body during workout routines, engaging to sports and doing Cardio exercises. Vape restored my Life and now, I know for a FACT that I'm on a Healthy living side. Thank you!
ZalfreeMalaking tulong ang vape para makaiwas sa nakamamatay na sigarilyo



AloysiusIn a country where vaping/ ecig is blanket banned. vaping have'd change my life style dramatically. yes its hard to get stuff here. but there's always a way. although is a new thing, health authority should give us a chance and study it. doesn't mean its new its dangerous. i feel so much better without smoking cigarettes now. i don't smell bad, and my family is not at risk. vaping is a lifestyle. a new hope, and i can say even i don't vape for a week i'm still fine.
AspaRokok mengandungi lebih daripada 3000 jenis chemicals yg amat bahaya. Ia juga membuat udara bau sekeliling seperti ashtray. Dan cigarette butts yg di buang sembarang membuat kawasan itu kotor & jijik. Yg paling penting, filter rokok mempunyai bahan yg mengandungi darah babi. Jadi kalau rokok tidak diharamkan, kamu semua sebenarnya, menyokong golongan Muslim merasa, memegang & menghisap darah babi. Awesome!!
MuhammadTo each and his own… We answer only to our own health,wealth … we chose whats best for us and we take resposibility for our own actions. Vape is not a crime. Y ban? Y impose such heavy Punishment?



OleTried everything during my +40 years of smoking to stop !
None of it worked for me!
With the Vape is was just like an Walk in the park !
It came just by itself in less than 4 days, I don't like the taste and smell of combustible cigarettes any more!
And will never return to the Cigarettes either!



AfiqVaping is alternative device for stop smoking and it less harmful from cigarettes
AlvinDon't banned vape products, banned tobacco cigars co'z its mor harmful.
JonaldF*** the government, we all have the right to vape and choose whats good for us.
MarkVaping save my life. if vaping will be banned so is smoking cigarette should be bamned too.
Michaelkng mas ma pliwanag b ng mrmi at ano ang kaibahan vape sa cigarettes smoking at mas mrming buhay ang mayalo sa peligro tulad qo chain smoker pro ng nkila qo at ma psok sa mundo ng vape mrming alterntbong praan pra mka iwas at isa nto at sna lng ma iwsan ang pag benta sa minor pra d npa sma yung vapeng community ntin…


United Kingdom

AnnI never would have thought I'd stop smoking but tried vaping and found I preferred it. The variety of devices and eliquids keeps it interesting so I don't even want a cigarette. I like having a few puffs now and then rather than being bothered about the nicotine.
AsadI have been off cigarettes for over 2 years now and vaping has helped me. Please do not put in legislation laws and etc. Humble request from a person who has been vaping for over 2 years and has stopped smoking
DavidIf it were banned I would use cross boarder or black market. Just because some people do not understand vaping or are suscepible to the wishes of big business, I don't plan on killing my self by going back to smoking.
JeffI've not smoked a tobacco cigarette for over 7 and a half years. I am one of the MILLIONS of former tobacco users from around the world. WE have a right to know what is going to be discussed by the WHO about OUR future as NON-SMOKERS. We want no repeat of COP 6 (Moscow) where news reporters and public were forcibly removed from the convention.
RobertPeople who object to vaping parrot, "think about the children." This, despite all of the credible evidence so far showing no threat. I would say, "think about the adults who smoke and who vape" and I would add, t"think about the medical professionals who are being put under unwarranted pressure not to advise e-cigarette use. What follows is a little prose/poetry exercise on the topic…
The Physician and the Snake
A little prose/poetry story dedicated to the World Health Organisation
A quiet moment and he drummed his fingers on his desk. Another year had turned: Another year of the pain he had shared so willingly – shared so secretly. Another year had turned, and still the snake on the staff stayed his hand. The doctor failed to understand the snake’s demand, to cure the sick, to do no harm, but also keep silence: To give advice when he, the doctor, knew it wrong to hand out lies, prescribing only second best. Gums and patches, and the rest – all failed. He drummed and drummed his fingers on the desk
A year had passed since that evening when that crowd had gathered on the excited street below, and, looking down, he remembered how the jostling and the clamour grew. ‘We have something new.’ They cried. ‘Look Doctor, we have something new.’ And each and every one held up a light. ‘We no longer have to fight.’ They cried. ‘Look! We no longer have to fight.’
The snake had also heard and had slithered down from off its stick. And shocked, the doctor saw the venom drip from hidden fangs, and from the window backed away. ‘Cure the sick and do no harm,’ the creature hissed. ‘Those outside, they won’t be missed. Give out only lies and second best, and if that fails, well, prescribe some rest. But be warned, dear doctor; say nothing of what you saw tonight. Say nothing of that awful blinding light that burns me to my very soul. Say nothing.
And thus the doctor, on the snakes command, stayed silent and said nothing of what he’d seen. Yet, in bed at night, he’d dream that in his hand there was a light which cured the sick, but on awakening all he had was a snake curled round a wooden stick.
RP As a long term vaper I urge you to support the choices of people who need an alternative for smoking


United States of America

Roger    I smoked for 37 years. I quit seven years ago due to vaping. As an adult, this option should continue to be available to me and millions of others who share my experience.
Our government should be embracing this instead of condemning it.



AimanI used to smoke for 15 years at the ratr of 2 packs per day.
Now i vape and i can swim and i feel better