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RobVaping is not smoking!
Robert DI have stopped smoking because of vaping, and I here by support our right to vape and help other fellow smokers to quit tobacco smoking.
Roberto RI have been vaping only for six months…never touched a cigarette ever since…a smoker for 21 years…i feel better…no… in fact …i feel great…
RoelVaping changed my life
I was a smoker for 20yrs
And now 9 months smoke free
RoiI started smoking when I was 16. I'm not a chain smoker though, I smoke to relax.
It helps ease tension and relieve stress. I do know the harm it would cause me so I did some research for alternative cigarettes & E-cig/Vape is probably the most safest. So yeah I started vaping last year and it feels so good. Vaping improves my sense of smell and taste. I love it.
You know, there are so many problems in this world that should be solved. People nowadays are so dimwitted especially the government. There's a war coming so we shouldn't be focusing in this kind of stuffs.
Stuffs that are not important to the world, but important to us.
Roi-Dan, 21
RommelI think vape/e-cigarettes should NOT be banned because, it gives positive result to the health/body of a an ex-smoker and vapers than analog cigarettes.
Vapers are only those who follow the vaping etiquettes. Who vapes responsibly.
RonnelVape ia a life saving hobby!
RuelVaping is the future, and the future is now… 🙂 I strongly support the right to vape….
Ruff I was a damn chain smoker to cigarettes for more than 10 years of my life. I started young and was really not that active much even in high school and college years. I know the effects of smoking but cant seem to stop as i am "addicted" to it. Since i knew about vaping and switch over, i got to see the difference and more positive. I know that i can no longer reverse the effects of smoking but atleast i have found a much healthier and better way to have my "addiction" to smoke. And that is thru vaping.
RusselPlease dont ban the vape industry it helps so many people quit smoking cigarette , you can put rules where to vape so we can follow the rules you make . But dont ever let ban the vaping industry
SeanVape on
ShalyssaLet Support Vape!
SheenaI believe vapong doesnt harm the user. We have lots of friends, including me who has testimonies in switching from cigarette to vape which helps us be healthier.
SiegfridVaping is 95% healthier. End of discussion.
SigVaping has change my life and my family's
Sig SVaping saved me!
SimonVape is good than smoking a packs of cigarette
StanVaping is best than smoking cigarretes.
Steve Do not ban vaping, it doesnt contribute to air pollution and totally less harmful. Don't be a douchebag
Sugar L.I have been vaping since 2014. I smoke Marlboro Lights atleast 1 pack a day every day and now have tapered down to 1 pack every two weeks. The spots that were visible in my lung x-ray before have now disappeared. I seldom have cough and tonsilitis now whereas before, I usually have these sickness atleast four times a year. Overall, I taste food better now, I feel that I have more endurance now when I exercise, and I generally feel a lot better. I strongly believe that every consumer, should be given the freedom to choose their vice.
TastinI've been smoking analogs (Tobaccos) for almost 10 years it started during higschool. Then one of my friends in college introduced me a personal vaporizer which was the first generation pen type wayback 2010. Since then i saw people trying to quit smoking and switch into vaping. Throughout the time i've been curious what's the good and bad about vaping. That's why i began to research in the internet and i read and proved that vaping is much more safer than regular tobaccos. Now i'm celebrating my 5 years of vaping no more gasps, my appetite increased and last i have fresh breath! (Cheers)
TedWhen i was smoking it is really hard for me to gain weight,but when i switch on vaping and stop smoking,i gained weight easier,and i am getting fat now,thanks to vaping,even my parents and relatives are happy about it.
TeresaVape Basic ! KNOW THE BASIC!
ThomasI love vaping since the day i bought my mod i did really stop smoking now i can feel light than im used to . Thanks VapeON
TimI've been smoking cigarettes since i was 16 years old. My chest felt pain every deep breath. I got to my doctor and my doctor said, I have clouds in my lung and if i don't quit smoking i might have tubercolosis. I was scared. Then he recommended me Vape. So I decided to buy and guess what? i am now Vaping for 6 months and i cant feel those chest pains anymore. Also got checked if i still have those clouds in my lung, and it's gone. Now i can breath deeply without pains, do whatever i want without experiencing breath shortage. Do you even know how glad and pleased I am to be a vaper? And if vaping is banned i may or might have to smoke cigarettes once again.
TimothyI started smoking since im 15 years old. im 27 y/o now.
almost half of my life, i smoke minimum of 10 pieces a day everyday. imagine your lungs in an influence of tobacco for 12 years. i said to myself "i need to quit smoking.i have to" so i decided to try vaping for me to help myself quit smoking. new year has come… january 1 2016. i bought my first set of vape. and started vaping… the struggle is there. im still temted to switch back… but i made a promise i will not smoke 3 weeks had i dont crave for tobacco anymore. and the smell for me is like burning plastic. so i realize that the time that im still smoking, and all the people around me smells it…now i know!
ITS IS VERY EFFECTIVE FOR THE PEOPLE TO QUIT is 95% safer than a single stick of cigarette
TJ Solis Total BS if they will ban VAPING ! . NO TO CIGARETTES YES TO VAPE ! . to all VAPE ON BROTHERS ! !
TomVaping electronic cigs took away my hypertension and any of my heart related issues that i got from smoking cigarettes.
ToonsGovt shouldnt ban e-cigs/vape, because it is the safest alternetive device to quit smoking, me personally, i experienced the the effects of cigarrete and vape, and i proved to myself that vaping is the easiest way and safest way to quit smoking, for 5years of smoking, i experienced chestpains, low stamina,tasteless, hard to breathe and skin dry. but when i switched into vaping, all of it were gone, and it improved my sense of taste, i can now run back and fort in the basketball court without chasing a breathe, vaping really helps people who are willing to throw the bad habit of their lives, and change it to a better one.
if the govt ban the vaping, they do not care in our health, they only care is to have more money by means of tobacco companies who are giving them big amount of money for their taxes
we hope we all fill up this petition for the sake of our loveones, this is the only way to stop the banning
TophOne Smoking kills vaping extend life of smokers .
TristanExhale the past, inhale the future.
VanVaping helped me to quit smoking, I'm 7 months free from cigarette smoking
Vape On and Vape Safe!
ViI almost done everything to quit my smoking habit.Been smoking for almost 15years.I met e-cig a month ago.I'm smoke free for a month now and I don't want to go back to smoking.please dont ban e-cig.please…
VladimirThis is the only outlet for me to release the stress of my daily routine. If this would be banned it will be difficult for me to find something to calm my mind and be relaxed.
Von Vape can save many life
WestVape it on…. spread the clouds not the sickness ….
WiiliamVaping helped me quit smoking analog cigarettes totally 100%. please fight for our right to vape and to live longer.
WilsonMade me stop smoking! what else could be more important than that.
xSai I've transfered from tobacco to vape
YmartJust respect in when vaping.
Zaynhar Vaping helps me to quit smoking tabaco cigars. vapingis also less harmfull to health

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