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Supporting the right to vape – responses


Philippines (cont’d)

Mark HSupport vaping Industry. Helps save lives.
Mark LI switched from smoking to E-cigarette for 11 months. The benefit on switching is very relevant. Nawala ang hingal ko. nawala ang chest pains nakakapag hagdan na ko at yung amoy na mabaho wala na. Hopefully petitions will be heard and this EO will be re-study to exclude the vaping on the anti smoking act.
Mark AI prefer VAPING rather than TOBACCO. Vaping is 100% vapor rather than TOBACCO that has high nicotine tolerance that can harm our health and can also effect other people as second hand rather than vape. because vape has no second hand effects to non-vaper.
Mark EVaping is much more safer than smoking. we all know that smoking cigarette causes variety of diseases and health problems. And one way to help us stop smoking is through vaping. So I suggest to our good government that vaping or using e-cigars should not be banned in our country instead we must support it to stop cigarette smoking and to promote healthy lifestyle.
Mark PI want to totally banned the tobacco smoking and legalized the vaping industry.
Mark RNow i am 4 years in vaping and im using zero nicotine, but in my first time use i use 6mg to satisfied my self not smoking tobacco. But like others user im not control my self so from 10 to 15 sticks per day im smoking tobacco once a day.when im craving to smoking tobacco i use may electronic cigarettes so my craving in nicotine is going to switch vaping. And now for me electronics cigarette is a device to reduce your smoking tobacco habit and help you to remove it someday.
Mark TI strongly disagree on why Vape/Vaping should be banned in the Philippines or even in other countries. Vaping helped reduce the risk of my asthma attacks when being around with Vapers instead of smokers. They may seem similar but VAPOR is very much different compared to SMOKE.
Mark CVaping is much safer that the tabacco cigarettes
MarlonSwitching to vaping make me quit my crippling habits
Marlon JI have stopped smoking last september 10, 2010 and have started vaping ever since then. Now I'm smoke free for almost 6 years!
Marvin AI was smoking tobacco for 16+ years and would have continue to do so if not for vaping. Now, I can sing and do physical activities/excercise more and no whizing at night.
Marvin DGreat help to quit smoking. And i do believe its safer.
MathieuSay no to big pharma and tobacco companies just looking to make big bucks!
MatthewVaping has been a great alternative for cigarette smoking. I myself have stopped smoking after vaping for a while. It's been a year and a half now since I've quit smoking, and vaping just really had me hooked up to it. Of course, upon being saved by e-cigarettes, I myself would like to make a stand and find a solution to protect it as well. Save E-cigs, save lives.
Mhay Vaping is good to your health
Cigarettes smoking is bad to your health 😀
MichaelGODBLESS us all that's all !
Michael CI am Vape Syndicate, and I proudly support this petition to protect vaping. It is a worldwide problem that vaping is becoming banned or heavily regulated which takes away from the freedom of being healthly by the means vaping. Everyone who vapes or anyone in general should sign this petition because this will help protect everyone's rights to vape. Living a healthy life is a human right, so don't let an organization take that right away. Vape On!
MickelI highly believe that this device which is vape is the key to lessening smoke related disease
MyJust vape on for a healthier living of people-,vapers or not! Smokers must quit from smoking cigarettes not only for their good but also for the good of people around them.
MytsVaping help me quit smoking. if our country will ban vape/ e cigarette product, they shoul also ban cigarette
NandyStop smoking cigarette since 2011. Vaping help me stop it. Now i hate the smell of cigarette and already convince some of my family & friends to use vape and to quit smoking cigarette. And they did!
NilVaping saves my life. Unlike smoking tobacco, vaping don't have second hand smoke. It's 95% safe than cigarette.
NilvyVaping is the future! For me, the reason why you keep on saying that vaping is bad for our health is because you get money from tobacco companies, and those companies are somehow losing profit because of a "safer" alternative. Please look on the brighter side of the safer alternative, remember, electronic juice has only max of 5-6 components, and you know for a fact that those components is safer than the components that tobacco has.
NormaCitizens should at least understand what vaping is. Proper knowledge of the public will help us with this great cause.
OlgaDon't banned e-cigarettes it helps save lives …
OliverConsider it
Oliver JVaping is more safe than cigarettes! And you all know that!
OninDis e-cig helps me to quit smoking for 2yrs and dats y i love vaping can run fast move fast think fast rather than smoking……smoke kills!!!
P. G.The WHO should be careful on the authenticity of studies/research on the effects of vaping, these studies could be biased and should be thought twice condsidering.
JanWe have the rights to vape to quit smoking because smoking is not good to our health.
Paolo Vaping helped me to quit smoking, I've been smoking for half a pack per day back then and I see changes in my body, bad changes. I switched to vaping and all the bad effects of cigarettes are gone now, I can also breath properly now.
PatBe Responsible Vapers. Vape Safe and Do not use Vape on Public places. VAPE ON and Vape Safe
PatrickListen to us, the people who benefits from vaping. Please note our testimonials about how vaping change our lives for the better for the fair regulation of the industry. We would not have said or written anything unless we really felt better since making the switch from smoking to vaping.
PaulVaping is more effective in terms of quiting cigarette. I have tried some other method/s and only vaping resolved all the cravings.
PiaYes to vaping!
PierreVaping or electronic cigarette is the best smoking alternative.
PintongWe have our own rights to choose whats best for us especially in our health… thank you
RaechelleVaping and smoking is different. It is already proven that vaping is much less hazardous than smoking. Also it helps people with cigarette addiction to stop and quit it,thus convert to vape. We understand the fact that we really can't vape in places that is not allowed to smoke cigarettes, that is why almost all of us in vaping community were already practicing the ways of responsible vaping. If so why would the government still insist to ban vaping as well? I'm really hoping that they will give consideration to the vaping/e cigarette community. Vapers will abide to rules and regulations for sure, but not with this "Vape Banning".
RafaeI smoked cigarettes for 5 years before switching to electronic cigarettes last feb 2016. Im now on my 10th month of not smoking and just vaping and I'm happy that i switched! No more coughing and short of breath!
Rafael Se-cig should not be banned if your country is thinking about the income ir profit that you would benefit from the taxes of the cigarretes isnt it much wiser to think the health condition of your fellow countrymen? give us the freedom to choose whatever is best for us. our lives. our responsibility.
"Dont vape where you cant smoke" 🙂
RamonAll we need is to educate the consumers and the masses about the benefits of vaping and how effective it is to help smokers quit tobacco and reverse the harmful effects of cigarette smoking. Please do not compare vaping and cigarette smoking. For the vapers, Please be mindful of our actions. Let's be responsible for our actions. Don't vape where you can't smoke.
Raymund2012 nag vape ako pero nag yoyosi pdn ako.ngaun nagbalik loob ako ngayon sa vape sa kabutihang palad 1 week na akong d nag yoyosi at ayaw ko n dn ng lasa ng yosi
RCStop smoking, start vaping 🙂
ReyIt also relaxes my body and mind.
RhiwaThe reason I switched to vape is because of the news here in Philippines that tobacco will be banned. I believe that vaping is not harmful to our health so we will be happy if vape will not be banned since this will health affecting specially for non smokers.
RhonIam tobacco user for 5 years ive start smoking when im 4th yr highschool and them i start to try vaping pretty cool and my taste comes better no more smelly fingers and clothes my lungs was going better too so YES! For E-Cigerretes more power!! Vape on!
RhonaldPlease i don't want to go back using tobacco cigarettes again 🙁
Richard DGEveryone has right to choose to vape than taking analog stick that have 4000 chemicals/carcinogens that very harmful to our health.
I prefer vaping than smoking analog.
Vaping is much safer alternative than analogs
I choose vaping.