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Philippines (cont’d)

JohnI support vaping and the vaping industry because it has helped us to lessen and even quit cigarette smoking and is proven a healthier alternative.
I hope this petition will help and educate the people. And for the people Who are claiming that vaping causes whatever illness, please do your research. And by this being said I therefore believe that E cigarettes and other vaping products should not be banned.
John DSmoking kills vape is the future
John MVape on!!!
John LBefore when I still smoke tobacco every morning I have bleeding gums and morning cough. Now after I switch to Vape I don't have that issues.
John DSUsing vape makes my life healthier.
Before im using 10-20 pcs cigarettes a day. I noticed i have hard time breathing and also i got plegm desposing every morning…
When i switched to vaping. all those symtoms went gone. I can play basketball again without having a hard breathing…
John KVaping is the better alternative. Please do not ban something that is already being implemented in Europe as a safe alternative. The research studies have been very promising.
John KI was a 2 pack a day smoker 2012 i rushed to the emergency room because i could not breath air only reached my throat half of my lung collapsed was admitted for 10 days and i have asthma which made it worse when i was still smoking i had to consume 2 to 3 rescue inhalers in a month and seretide inhaler twice a day eversince i switched to vaping my weazles are gone and i dont cough like a loudspeaker today 2016 i dont even finish 1 rescue inhaler in a month i can feel the proof that vaping is really a healthier alternative than tobacco and i started smoking when i was 13 years old am 54 today please do not ban vaping if its gonna be banned am sure i will go back smoking tobacco which will kill me thank you very much sir/madam
JojoI absolutely support a properly regulated electronic cigarette industry. For the purpose of the protection of consumers, us vapers, we need standards on all the e cigarette products.
JollyVaping is the best solution to stop smoking its a hobby and do no harm it produces vapor not smoke. A lot os studies proove that it is not dangerous to the health….
JonathanI have learn that life has its own value…
Jonathan LVaping change my life. Vaping saves lives.
JordanVape ON
JoseVaping is our right. no one, not even the government could take that from us. Let's all work together towards a healthier life.
JosephIt helped me quit smoking
Joseph BThis is a really big mistake, you should'nt be banned!!!
#yestovape #notocigarette #yestovapingcommunityandindustry
Joseph FIve been vaping for almost 5 yrs, and it has dkne so much good for my health, i wont go back to smoking, i support vaping, i wish it was out there more. So it could help more people.
JoshuaVaping doesn't kill, so why to ban it? It may help a lot of people to stop smoking which kills millions of people a year. So why to ban vaping!
JovanQuit smoking and start vaping
JuanVaping helped me stopped smoking. I have influenced a lot of my smoker friends to switch into vaping. We used to smoke 1-2 packs of Marlboro Red per day. Since we started vaping we only use e-juices with low/3mg of nicotine content, maybe occasionally 6mg. Before every time I wake up, it feels like there is a big block on my chest but after switching to vaping, it was all gone. My lung capacity have been better and I don't catch my breath everytime I sprint while cycling. Food tastes better now. All I am saying is that, with vaping it helped me to be physically healthy again. I know this is a just a harm reduction alternative but that is the point, HARM REDUCTION. It can save lives. With proper education and research this will be the best way to stop smoking for everyone.
JuliusVaping helped me a lot, I was a chain smoker before, 2 years ago and someone introduced vaping to me and I liked it so please whatever happens don't ban vape.
JullienVaping is safer thanks smoking
JunPlease do not ban vaping. It helped me a lot in my battle to quit smoking cigarettes.
Kagawad GNagsimula ako magvape nung taon 2010 pero tumigil ako kasi hindi ako nag enjoy sa unang Vape ko kasi nakaEgo o pen type na mod ako noon kaya nabalik paninigarilyo ko noon at ang nag introduce sa akin noon na magvape ako noon ay ang nakakabatang kapatid at pinsan ko kasi nakaka in isang kalahati kaha ako ng sigarilyo noon kapag normal na araw at kapag umiinom naman ako ng kahit anong alak nakaka tatlo o apat na kaha kaya sabi nila na magvape nalang ako para makatipid ako at hindi ako magkasakit.
KennethI support our right to vape!
Kenneth PNo to Vape ban!!!!!
KevinVaping is a crime, this device help smokers to stop smoking
KikoI started smoking since 13yrs old. i never stopped smoking cigarettes. I tried but all alternative means did not help me. the only time i really stopped smoking when i started vapeing… i instantly stopped smoking. I noticed when i was smoking i usually get sick fever colds cough i think every 2 months or so. My immune system sucks. But when i switched to vaping? To be honest? My immune system is much better. Now i am vaping for 1yr now and never did I got sick even once for that year… i can say i am a proof that vaping helps and it really does not have harmful effects on our body… my taste smell become enhanced… then i realized smell of cigarettes are the worst. you cannot ask a smoker to stop right away. Vaping is the best alternative way to make them stop. Lets not take that opportunity away from them if our main goal is to help and promote a healty living… vaping helps for us smokers and i will attest to that… God Bless.
Kim FI'm one of those people that support vaping as it helped me quit smoking and is smoke free for 5 months. Please consider this as it would affect thousand or rather millions of people in philippines.
Kim LSupport life saving vape products…i don't want to smoke cigarettes again…
KimberlyVaping helped me a lot. I used to smoke cigarettes 2-3 packs a day and I'm glad I've switched to vaping. I had to switch to vaping as I was required to take a medication which contraindicates smoking cigarettes. It helped me cease my cravings for smoking cigarettes. It made me feel better about myself as when I was a smoker, I felt embarrassed whenever I ride the elevator as some people would say "ang baho" because of the awful smell of cigarettes when you smoke them it really does stick to your body. So now I'm confident that I always smell good.
KurtI support the cause! I have been a vaper for 4 years. Ever since i started vaping i have been able to taste food well and exercise properly and all other (effects of cigarette smoking REVERSED)
LanceVaping helped me stop smoking.
LawrenceVape on!!!
Lee WHO total BS!
LeoThrough vaping my lifestyle changed. I can now play my favorite sports more, no bad odor, no sudden gasping. I learn so much such as OHMS law, resistance,volts, amperes and morr scientific studies.
LheynidAng TANGA niyo pag binawal niyo ang vaping industry! Yan nga ginagamet ng mga gustong umiwas at tumigil sa yosi o sigarilo kase gusto nilang mabuhay ng mas matagal! Ang sigarilyo na nagbibigay ng malaking kita sa gobyerno sa pamamagitan ng pagbabayad ng tax ang gusto niyong bilhin ng mga taong nagbabayad ng buwis? Kung mamamatay lahat ng tao dahil sa SIGARILYO? Pano ang gobyerno? Pano ang mga tao? MGA BOBO! VAPE PARA SA MGA TAONG GUSTO MAGBAGO MGA TANGA!
LionelI have been vaping for 3 yrs now. I have also convinced my wife to stop smoking and start vaping. My wife is smoke free for 2 years now and she also stopped vaping after she got pregnant 14 months ago. Vaping really worked for me and my wife.
LorenzI dont understand what would be the basis of vaping being banned? They can just delegate places for vaping instead of banning it. These devices help people be more healthy!
LouieVaping is an alternative way for smoking . cigarettes is very dangerous to our body and some people experiencing hard time for they to quit …. now vaping as alternative ,helps smokers to quit and switch to non dangerous vaping … why they should banned vape?? Why they should not banned cigarettes?? . vaping is the solution for smoking … its is the key to quit a bad habit by switching to vape . why they should banned this solution or key?? . think people!
LukeVaping has already helped a lot of people, changed a lot too & have been loved by so many because it is more safe than smoking. So why ban it? I just don't really get people who tries to ban vaping when it's too good for people like us.
MalbenMe and my wife was struggling to have our own child for 8 years. Our doctors advised to quit drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes but it was really hard to ditch those cancer sticks. When I was introduced to vaping a year ago, right away I was able to quit smoking. After a few days I was already feeling a lot better, no more coughing, no more bad smell, no more cigarette butts, but best of all we are now expecting our first child in two months!
ManilaDon't smoke 'em, Vaperize 'em!!
Manny Im a responsible vaper i switch cigarette to vaping. 3years ago until now. I have rights to do whatever na nkakabuti sa kalusugan ko. And switching to vaping is alam ko walang masama. At di nkakasama sa kalusugan ko unlike cigarettes na di nmabuti sa kalusugan ko pamilya ko at sa kalikasan.
ManuelMake no sense why WHO banned e-Cigarettes. Tobaco companies behind this, my thought.
Marc I have been smoking for quite long but when vaping was introduced to me, i quit smoking. Before I started vaping, i literally research first the cause and effect of vaping to my health. But then, i dont see or heard (from the older vapers) that they have experienced any sickness or something strange. So i chose vaping rather than smoking. It improves my stamina and heart beat. It even colored my lips from dark back to normal color. Thanks to vaping. Please dont ban vaping. I dont want to be back smoking cigarette again.
MarcoYes to vape
MardVaping should not be banned. Vaping is healthier than smoking.
MarkVaping made me quit smoking please do not banned vaping so others can also stop smoking
Mark CVaping helps us a lot. It keep us from harmful tabacco cigarettes. Ive been a smoker since 2005 . My son had a Bronco Pneumonia and the doctor says i should stop smoking for mt son because everytime i smoke and im with my son. I need to apply alchol on my hands , do brush my teeth and change clothes after i smoke. But now everythin is change since i start vaping at 2015 It was way more safier for my son and now he's is good health now. Thanks for vaping and now vaping business is saving my family for our daily needs. And now no more chest pains , thoatsore and my stamina recovers daily.
Mark AVape is safe than cigar. And not harm to your children. No second hand smoke can harm you