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Supporting the right to vape – responses


Philippines (cont’d)

Ingrid I support vaping community. Different studies have proven that vaping can improve your health instead of smoking tobacco/cigarette which can destroy you body system.
IrineI have a asthma and i was smoking,i can bearly breath so i switch to vaping and now i can breath more good.
Vape is notba tabaco product
IsraelBeen smoking before.if i'm right not more than 20 yrs. Vaping save me. nuff said.
IvanVape for your life.
JackWe love vape than tabacco
JaeI support the vaping community for 2 reasons. First is for my family and Second is for the good health of each and every fellow vaper out there!
JairusEstabillo How dare them to ban an act that can save life? Vaping does
JakeOnly 4-5 components are there in vape compared to cigarettes. Those ingredients are legal and much safer than those in cigs. Calling all research experts, scientist and makers of pg and vg. You know for a fact that it is much safer, right? So i dont get the point on why fda wants to regulate it even banned it, is it because govt is getting money out of tobacco companies? I will leave this question to you. I fully support vaping and im a proud vape shop owner
Jam Vaping is life and it helps promote healthy lifestyle so back off. Lets us enjoy this and focus on other things that can help better future!!!!!
JamesVaping is SAVING lives…. by giving SMOKERS a HEALTHIER alternative.
JamesVaping changed my health.
JamesI switched from smoking tobacco to vaping simply because i love my family.
JanVaping is not same as smoking traditional cigarettes. It is far less harmful than analog smoking. Vaping also helped countless people in quiting smoking cigarettes like me. It is not righteous to ban vaping.
JanI have switched from smoking tobacco to vaping and it helped me a lot specially in my lung health … after the first week that i switched to vaping it already have an effect and improvement when in comes to my endurance and lung capacity etc …. and it saved me a lot from expenses that i spend when i used to smoke tobacco
JanThree months into vaping with no taking cigarette
JasonGive us our rights to vape… We dont want your cigarettes… We want to live longer…
JayJust leave us the fuck alone! We're vaping responsibly, we're not harming the people around us when we vape and lastly we're not polluting the air that we all breathe! We're vaping to kick the bad habit of smoking. We don't want to smell like shit anymore and we don't want to have a cancer!
JayeI totally agree to ban smoking but in vaping, it's a no no. But i suggest not to cloud chase in public places.
JaysonFor the past eight(8) years i smoke tobacco.and gives me lot nicotine thats makes me addicted to it.and one of my friend use vape e cigaritte.i try ecig and i im free from more bad smell in shirts and no second hand smoke that can affects other.
Me as my self is a responsible user of ecig/vape and i should not be banned in our country.
JaysonVaping should be legalize
Jaywarde-cigarettes also known as vape helps me too quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. i'm smoking cigar for almost 16 years, and the 6 years of it are 2 packs of cigar a day. so far i'm not smoking cigarettes even a single puff of it for 6 months. my smoker's cough, back ache, chest pain and the bad smell in my hands, body and clothings that was caused by cigar was gone.
JCVaping is not a crime
JeddNo to smoking start vaping.
JeffHealth experts state that vaping is around 95% less harmful than smoking and by switching to vape products smokers can significantly improve their health. Millions of people around the world have successfully used e-cigarettes to kick their addiction to cigarettes and these products should be regulated sensibly and made widely available.
JeffersonI vote for my right to choose what i know will be better for me.
JeffreyI love vaping
Jeffrey CIf vaping will be banned,i will not switch to regular cigarettes again.I will not let the tobacco industry to ruin and kill more lives.its our right to make a choice,and our choice is vaping that we think is much less harmfull that cigarettes.
JelloVaping has saved thousands of lives and will save millions more. Vapor does not contribute to pollution and does not transmit any disease nor cause long-term illnesses. Vaping is an innovation which can be considered as ground-breaking and miraculous due to the number of lives it has saved from cancer and other cigarette smoking-related diseases. And electronic cigarettes a.k.a. Vape is not and never will be a tobacco product.
JemabelEveryone should stop smoking.
JerichoVaping help me to quit from smoking. Vaping make me feel better. Vaping will help smokers to quit.
Vape is safer than cigarettes. Please don't Ban E-cigs and other vape products.
JerickVaping is not smoking, vaping is healthy, vaping save us from the toxic of the tobaco/cigarettes.
Thats why i support and participate to this kind of survey.
JericoI vape for about 8 months now but before then I smoke for 4 years I chain smoke my minimum cigaret is 4 in a day and whenever I drink I smoke a pack or 2 of those stinkys. AND I HATE IT SO MUCH ! WHY? Because when I smoke those stinkys my lings are cluged. But when I started vaping I can breathed normally. If vape will get banned many will die because of SMOKING like always. BUT IF VAPING WILL GET CONTINUED MANY LIVES WILL BE IN GOOD CONDITION.
JeschristophVaping does not affect my health,i've already convince 3 of my bsketball buddy,cause they smoke heavily. Also my wife is vaping i also convince her . There's nothing wrong with vaping. They only shut us down couse' cigarette smokers are now switching to vaping.
Jessie6 years smoker after switching to vape , i felt that my blood pressure has been more stable lately (hypertension) .
JettI smoke 2 packs or Marlboro Red per day (drinking session not included, everyone knows how more likely you smoke when drinking liquor). Since 2012 when the e-cig cigarette like types became accesible in the market I already tried those, honestly it doesn't give as much satisfaction as a real cigarette can do. I keep being updated in the industry as time goes by and really do embrace vaping, Why? Simply because since then that I fully shifted from cigarette to vaping, I feel more energized, my breathing is better than before, my "smell" is way better than before. For me, I think we should look at the other side, think outside of the box, explore the other side, rather than looking for negative issues to make vaping looks bad to other people. Educate everyone of what this industry can give to help everyone live a better, healthy life.
JhoggySupport right to vape. Switch to vaping not to smoking because smoking kills.
JhomaVape Safe!
JhondoVaping really help smokers to have better and healhty way of living…
JhoseronVaping saves me and my Love ones.
I will support vaping and be a responsible Vaper.
So please don't ban vape products.
JoaquimI do not get why the government should or why any governing body should ban VAPING. VAPING helps a lot of individual with their current smoking addiction and its harmful effects. No human is entitled to ban or prohibit things that give redemption to humankind.
JoelVape safe vape on
JoelAs adult consumer we have the right to choose on what product is best for me… if you are to ban vaping you are depriving me of my right and freedom… you have no right to take that away from me… vaping is safer then smoking cigarettes so if you are who you say you are the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION then i guess you know what's best for us unless you are paid a huge amount by the big tobacco companies to impose your will unto us…
JoemarI changed my life and gained new friends.
JoemelI hope that more people would consider switching to a healthier alternative. Vaping saved my life.
JohnVaping is good for alternative to quit smoking tobacco, i choose this because i love my family.
JohnI believe that vaping is healthier than smoking tobacco cigarettes. I have seen the effects of smoking and it is very very scary. I have been vaping since 2011 and I know I am healthy I haven't been in a bad condition with the use of vape. I consult my doctor once per year to check out my lungs but they are clear. Vaping shouldn't be ban, cigarettes should. John Allen A. Dansalan from the Philippines.
JohnVape is LOVE
JohnVaping gives smokers a chance to change their lifestyle. Since i started vaping, I gained a lot more friends. Joined friendly groups discussing about what vaping has done to their lives and also to others. We need to support this. Thumbs up to everyone doing a part to save vaping.