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Supporting the right to vape – responses


Philippines (cont’d)

ClariceVaping is not an issue.
CliffordHealth first before money
CIve tried many alternatives to quit from smoking. Vaping is the best option for me. I hope this is not a part of tax war. Vaping is 95% harmless than smoking. Proper usage of vape product is the best solution not banning all vape products. Lets help each others. Educate all vapers! Stay cloudy everyone! cloudskyvape
CocoVaping is 100% safer than tobacco!
DaimlerIf they will banned VAPE i know that the tobacco industry will be happy, BUT if a lot of people will go back to cigarettes definitely millions or billions of people will die and for the record, vaping is much safe than smoking because, there's an experiment made and it shows that vapor doesn't affect our lungs, not like cigarettes it kills our lungs.
DanabelleVaping has been a big part of me ever since I started roughly five (5) years ago. I didn't have to read or know about research on it back then, I took the chance, made the switch, and proven the positive effects. Banning e-cigarettes would only benefit big tobacco companies. Small businesses would close and so much people who are about (or have eventually quit) to quit smoking analog cigarette to go back to the unhealthy lifestyle. If WHO really cares for people's health what they should ban are tobacco cigarettes, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Stop the politics! It's time to actually DO what's right.
DannStop smoking start vaping !!
DarrenVape is not a Crime perhaps this is healthier than cigarette.
DarwinJust started vaping because i don't want to smoke cigarettes anymore for my health and the people around me especially my family. Vaping keeps my mind of ciggs. If i cant vape anymore would probably go back to smoking again so please dont take this away.
Dencio No to banning of e-ciggs. Think properly!!!
DennisSince I stopped smoking cigs and started vaping I have noticed an increased improvement from my cardio endurance for bjj as compared to when i was still smoking and doing jiujitsu with the same intensity and training frequency as a sport and the surprising thing is it only took me a few weeks to feel significant improvements after switching. Probably vaping is not 100% healthy and could never be compared to not vaping or not smoking but I can definitely say that it its 100% better than smoking traditional cigarettes. I also tried quitting cold turkey several times and other smoking cessation devices but all that failed and when I went back to smoking during those times my smoking also increased. As of this writing I am off the cigarettes for more than 2 months and not wanting to go back anymore I got past the withdrawal stage of stopping analogs and I don't want to feel that again ever. So those that want to ban ecigs are doing us who have successfully transitioned and those who are still in the process of switching or wanting to switch a big disservice. I also want to add that I feel that it is easier to quit vaping than the traditional cigs if in any case I want to go vape free afterwards but right now I'm still enjoying my new hobby.
DennisSmoking made me more healtier ans made me quit smoking. Knowing I am a smoker for more than 2 decades. We just need to educate all other vapers
DennisI am a chain smoker for 12years. I used marlboro red 2 packs a day or more when bored and stressed. Everyday it feels that you have tons of cements in my body no normal breathing, dizziness and bad odor. But I started switching using vaporizers (vape/e-cig) lots of changes I can say it has no harmful effects in our body. I enjoyed the flavors and then I never used tobacco and even drinking. As a vaper I'll be responsible in my own cause BEFORE I used it I made lots of readings about it what are the do's and don't's in using e-cig. Iam a responsible vaper. I don't use it in malls, lots of people, non-smoking area. I only used it in a place like smoking areas, places that no other people surrounded that will irritate, in my house, in a certain vape shops that all of you can use it in one place.
For those who thinks that it is exploding it is because for user/human error. Think about it how will it explode if your not doing anything or doing something. It will only explode if you have lack of knowledge before using it.
DindoVape on!
DivinaMake more research about the effect of vaping before making it illegal and as an individual i know that many dies because of cigarettes and vaping is a way to cut that off. Vaping will help teenagers to be o
DonVape on !
DonI can attest that vaping saved my life. I was a pack a day smoker 5 years ago, and thanks to vaping, i am smoke free for 4 years now, and counting. Dont take it away from us please.
DonVaping has helped me ang many users quit cigarettes. I support responsible vaping.
DondiegoSimula nag vape ako nabawasan na ang hingal ko at nde narin naninilaw mga ngipin ko at bumango lalo ang hininga ko, hindi dn mabaho sa damit kasi d tulad ng yosi na mabaho at dumidikit ung amoy sa mga damit ko. Dumami dn mga kaibigan ko simula nagvape ako.
DonnellIts not always about the money
DreiSmoking is dead. Vaping is the future, and the future is NOW!
Edcel I less my cigarette because of vaping . and in the next year planning to stop smoking cigarettes because of vaping .
EdisonI just want to quit smoking so i switch to vape.
EdmarVape on and on.
EdwardProper and fair regulations is what the vaping commjnity needs. The pharmaceutical companies should not monopolize this life saving discovery but rather lead in the advancement research of the industry.
ElaineTobacco/cigarette smoke triggers my allergic rhinitis. So, please do not ban vaping.
ElijahIve stop smoking tobacco because of e cigarettes.
EllaStop smoking start vaping. Save your lungs and especially ur life
We vape to inspire!! Vape on!
ElwynVaping changed everything. Vaping made me smell better. Breath better. Feel better. Everything about vaping is better.
EmilI switched from Smoking to Vaping since 2012. Vaping is the best alternative to end the harmful effects from cigarettes. Vape has no 2ndhand smoking, no carbon monoxide, no tobacco.
ErickMy family deserves to have me for a lifetime. Thanks to vaping, i was able to quit smoking. Banning e-cigs is just plain foolish and obviously a plot to just let people die young through the very reachable dirty cigarettes.
ErickaE-cigs are life savers.
Erickson Vapesafe
EricoMalaking tulong nagawa sken nag pag vavape. I started smoking cigarettes nun mga 15yrs old ako grabe ako mag yosi den na introduce sken ang e – cigarette nung 19yrs old ako. Nung una ayaw ko kasi mahal pero dahil nagbasa ako ng mga reviews tungkol sa vaping na eng ganyo ako bumili and nung una nagyoyosi pden ako while vaping hanggang sa ayaw ko na ng yosi. Healthy living nko ngayon nag vavape ako. 0 nic lang nag stop nko mag yosi 2years ago vaping helps a lot to me. Kaya sana wag nyo iban sa pinas.
ErnestI vape to stop smoking tobacco that is not good to my health. Vaping is not smoking, vaping is the answer to quit smoking, to be more healthier to live more. Vaping is healthy.
FelixI smoke cigarettes since I was in college. And i smoke hard mostly in drinking session. My friend introduce vape to me and it really help me to quit smoking. Little by little im starting to get rid of those cigarettes. Thanks to my friend and my vape. 7 mos smoke-free.
FJust put tax to make it finally "safe" for smokers to consider vaping as a healthy alternative
FrancisVaping is not smoking, it's vapor
FrankyVaping has saved my life… i am more productive compared to when i was smoking… i have become a lot healthier than when i was smoking… vaping is the future , and the future is now
FrederickSmoking is DEAD! Vaping is the Future!
FritzgeraldVaping is our future
GabrielleThey shouldnt Ban vaping. Tobacco companies think about money not the health of the people around the world. Theyre not using their brains. Vaping aint illegal just because not paying taxes. Government and Big tobacco keep paying people to make False advertising. WHO should just be strict only in the age of vapers. Why did they became WHO if they support an addictive Silent killer. Just because of money. Money will not make you rich. Think about the HEALTH its on your name World Health Organization not World tobbaco or world money. Its all about health.
GerWhen i switched to vaping i no longer experience shortness of breathe. i sleep more soundly and no more smoker's cough. why would they ban something that is less harmful to people? i dont get it. do they want more people to die from smoking tobacco?
GerardI'm Gerard from the Philippines, 24 years old. I used to be a heavy smoker back then. Cigarettes were pretty much easy to acquire because they were supplied to us. It took a toll on me. I can't even walk for long hours without catching my breath and I often get sick. Now I have been vaping for almost a year and I can feel a significant change in my health. I feel so much better. I'd agree that vaping has not been proven to be a hundred percent safe but I can attest that it is an effective cessation tool. I have tried not vaping for more than three days and I haven't craved for a stick. Smokers know how difficult it is to quit. It's easy to say it's just mind over matter but you wouldn't know the struggle if you aren't a smoker.
GheloI quit smoking and switched to vaping for almost a year now!
What i really love about vaping is that it taste better than tobacco it doesnt have foul odor it doesnt contain toxic chemicals that are present in cigarrettes and proven dangerous to a persons health! Now my sence of taste and smell are backand most importantly No more heavy breathing i am 100% certain that i wont go back to cigarrette any more!
GianHealth issue: it improves my health from day to day basis when i smoke with a cigarette before i always feel i am weak and having a shorthness of breath and was hospitalized for 1 week. but when i switch to vape. everything has change and it feels good and feel better.
GilSince i started vaping, i was able to let go of smoking cigarettes. From 20 sticks per day down to 2-3 sticks per day (average cigarettes i consum per day prior to vaping). I also feel that my lungs started to work better.
GreggyVape change my life!
HumpreyIt has helped me become healthier and i know that i can take care of my parents more now that i don't smoke but vape.
Eventually, i will quit vaping, but it is easier to wean oneself from vaping than from smoking.
IanPlease dont ban vaping. It helps me a lot! A LOT!!!