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Supporting the right to vape – testimonials

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AaronVaping helps me stop smoking. It helps me eat alot and drink water alot. Since I started vaping, Smoking never crossed my mind again.
Abberatzi I may be not a smoker, but the reason why I vape is to prevent myself to become a smoker in the future. Also, vape is not just about puffing clouds and have a taste of several flavors, but it also helps me to have friends and to make a strong bonds to them as a family. A non smoker should start to vape if it depends on his/her choice, rather than a smoker, because every person needs to be healthy at first. I know that vape is the alternative way to make smokers to quit, but it doesn't matter that only former smokers can vape, but rather to the non smokers as well. Each one of us have their own decisions and we can not disagree with them since it is their own choice. We should let them be on what they want to be
AbrahamActually i dont smoke , but my girlfriend do alot of it, i recommend her to use vape instead of cigarrette. I know e-cigg is a lot more safer and healthier alternative… More more power to the vaping industry!
AbrahamI used to smoke almost 2 packs of marlboro red for more than 6 years(I started smoking at the age of 18)and I have been playing baaketball at the same time. I've noticed that i have been coughing more often and sometimes my phlem has black spot all over it, I began getting tired more easily, just taking a few step in the stairs and I begin to breath heavily and I started to get sick so often(not normal to me because I don't actually get sick so often, mostly once or twice a year I get a fever and that's all) . So I tried to stop smoking, but it was already in my system and I just can't help but to smoke. One day a friend told me to try to use vape so that I can stop my smoking habit, it actually cost me around P4000 for a set of vape but I thought that if vaping can help me stop smoking then P4000 is just some mere coins and who knows, it might even help me regain my old stamina back. Today I have been vaping for almost a year and my health improvements are actually a sight to see. 5 floors of the stairs is actually a no biggy to me anymore, I can already play 4 whole quarters of basketball again without getting so tired(actually parang wala na ngang pagod ngayon eh)and I haven't got sick lately except for the fever a had a few months ago. Vaping has helped me a lot in improving my health and I have more friends now beacause I don't stink like cigarettes anymore. So for W.H.O. why will you take a stand to ban something that has been actually helping smokers to stop smoking? It's as if you don't like seeing healthier people? Please consider about what you're going to do. Study well about vaping before you make one of the biggest wrong desicions that you're going to do……
AdrianVaping is safer than smoking…
Vaping helps me to quit smoking…
AdrianNo to smoke! yes to vape!
Adriane Vaping changed every smokers life, if you are a chain smoker before this is the easiest way possible to quit smoking.
AileenAng asawa ko ang ngvavape. Mgbf plang kme pinapatigil ko na syang manigarilyo dahil nurse ako at alam kong masama un sa katawan at sa magiging baby nmin. Ngstop syang mgsmoke and laking pagkakaiba tlaga. Hndi na sya madaling hingalin at nkakatakbo na sya ng malayo. May mga hinakayat din akong mga kamag anak na magvape my 2 pinsan akong vapers na din at laki ng pagbabago kasi ng weight gain sila at gumanang kumain. Thanks tlaga sa vape at malaking tulong sya sa lahat.
Al GerardI have switched to vaping from smoking tobacco. I have never felt better. I am four months into pure vaping and I really feel better. If Vaping will be banned, probably i will switch back to cigarettes. Which I know for a fact that cigarettes are more harmful than vaping. Vaping changed my lifestyle. Please do not take it away from us.
AlStop smoking and start vaping
AlanChoosing the lesser evil is still my choice and that is my right.
AldrichVaping has saved me from tobacco. And at the moment i am transitioning to quitting vaping altogether. This technology has saved me. Please do not deprive other people the chance for them to be saved from tobacco.
AlecProper knowledge and etiquette for vaping must be applied in every vaper/vape shops, they must teach their customer how to vape, how to use it and where they should vape like public places or crowded people. Vapers must follow the No. 1 rule "Don't Vape we're you can't smoke" even though i'ts vapor still majority of the people who have no idea about vape still thinks it's smoke or same as cigarette tobacco.
Alec Vaping should not be banned because it helps people who smoked traditional ciggarettes quit their bad habit. Switching to e-cigs or vape offers a wide variety of positive outcome specially to those who smoke real cigarettes before. We vapers are here not to destroy lives. But help rebuild one.
AlexanderI start vaping to quit my smoking habbit…
AlfonsoVape dont harm anyone . unlike cigarettes . so please do not ban vape for a healthier community
AllanVaping helped me a lot in terms of removing smoke to my life. it helps me avoid smoke for 8 years now. I do believe that smoking needs to stop but I am against stopping us vaping.
AlrovinI hope vape would not be ban in the phililppines
AndrewVape is not that bad because its only a vapor
AngeloVaping has helped me stop smoking for almost 2 years now. So far there has been no negative effects when I vape and unless there is enough research to prove that vaping is indeed harmful, it should not be banned as WHO seems to be suggesting.
AngeloI say no to vape being banned
AngeloPlease! Dont banned the electric cigarette in philippines.
Anthony Vaping save many life and vaping save me from using cigarette. And switch to vaping i meet many people and true friends because of vaping please do research about vaping and see the different between e-cigarette and tobacco / cigarette. Thank you and godbless vaping Ph.
AntonIf vaping is need to be banned, what more cigarettes and tobaccos? It should be banned first before vaping. There are lot of smokers is cigarette that are already switched to vaping for their own good. Kindly hear us and give us a chance to switch from smoking cigarette to vaping.
AraI stopped smoking immediately (cold turkey) and switched to vape. I believe that this is a healthier alternative since I smoked 2 packs of cigarettes everyday.
ArisLet us continue our battle, e cigarette has helped my heath in so many ways, I can honestly say its safe for me, my family & my society.
Being a 4 year vaper, I would personally say that it helped me quit cigarette entirely,giving my family with a healthy environment to live with.
ArnieVaping has saved my life and now I am healthier because of Vaping. I have not exposed my family or any other person to 2nd hand caused by death sticks (cigarettes)
BaubauJCGood day! I have been a smoker for almost 11 years, and all I can say is that I am proud to have been able to stop smoking by switching to a much healthier and cheaper option, which is vaping. I have been vaping for almost 4 years now, and I enjoy it. I am able to taste and smell food better and I don't have problems with breathing like I used to, all thanks to vaping. Please do consider that if it wasn't for vape, most of us or even all of us in the vaping community would still be smoking today. Vaping is not smoking, and we all know our limitations. We chose the better option, help us continue living healthier and encouraging more people to do the same. Thank you!
Beltran Hi I am ken beltran and I smoke cigarette for about 7 years until last month sept of 2016 before I discover how vaping will divert my smoking habit to a much healthier alternative . I feel much more light than the usual, now that im using vape finally I can say that I changed for the better. I support vaping on how it helped me, and for those who it will help to quit smoking. Vape On.
BenignoI've been vaping since 2011. Since i've switch to vaping i feel healthy.
BenjI used to smoke 2 packs a day since I was in high school, I am now 41 years old. I remember trying to vape a long time ago, when it was all mech mods available thinking it was a fancy way of smoking. Alas! I was dead wrong. Slowly, I stayed away from smoking, and found myself vaping more and more. Next thing I knew it, I am playing bowling and basketball again without difficulty breathing! But something big happened in my life that I was so depressed and stressed out that I started smoking again. Slowly, I started feeling sluggish again, agitated and got my smokers cough back. Then it hit me, I was healthier when I was vaping. SO here I am vaping, a definite healthier alternative to smoking. Do not BAN vaping products, you are making a huge mistake. Rather than exerting effort to kill the vaping industry, why not join forces and collaborate in making it even a healthier and a better choice for all those smokers or soon to be smokers. Listen to all these vapers around the world, listen to the testimonials, we are living proof that this is a better way. Please, dont make us all switch back to smoking. Help us maintain the healthier lifestyle we found in vaping.
BenjHow come they want to ban vape. even if it is proven that it is much safer than cigarettes. it seems like those people who wants to ban vape and also calls themselves doctors are completely being manipulated by those who profit in actual cigarettes. how can they still call themselves as doctors.
We already found an alternative for smoking to live a healthy life yet they want to ban it?
BenjaminPlease don't ban e-cig. it really helped me a lot. if smokers have the right to smoke and have all sorts of ailments. we as vapers also has the right to vape and to kick the habit of smoking tobacco.
Bj Vaping help me quit smoking from 2 packs a day to no smoking, it is a healthy way to quit smoking and definitely help you quit smoking entirely
BjayI believed that vaping is less harmful than smoking tobacco or the traditional cigarette i smoke for about 10 years and i quit it and i choose to vape as an alternative to smoking. I vape since 2012.all the ingredients in e juice are food grade and kanthal wire are also food grades.the cotton we used are organic.DO NOT BAN VAPE ITS NOT HARMFUL AND IT CAN NOT AFFECT SECOND HAND SMOKE.
Bry I stoped smoking when i started vaping
BryanVaping is 100% safe than Analog Cigarette!
Carl I already encountered some pain in along my lungs part in my body and throat so i decided to switch to vaping since news and gossips that vaping is more safe and healthy and its true. I felt more better in vaping rather than smoking cigarettes.
CarVaping has lesser toxins than cigars, not a harmful one on the users won't cause anything bad to persons that may inhale the vapor. Vape on!!
Carl I was a smoker for more than 20 years and could not kick the habit. Switching to vaping gave me better smelling capabilities as well as improved taste for food. My lips is slowly turning pink again compared to the dark violet lips I had when I was smoking. I had no withdrawal symptoms when I made the switch.
CarloPano kaming gustong huminto sa paninigarilyo I would consider switching from cigarettes to vape kaya hindi ako sang ayon na ma ban ang e-cigarette dito sa pilipinas
ChesterBinago ng vaping ang buhay ko!, naitigil kong manigarilyo, lumakas resistensya ko at higit sa lahat nagagawa ko na lhat ngyon ang mga hindi kk kayang gawin nung adik la ko sa lintik na sigarilyong yan! Maraming natulungan ang vape tulad ko.
ChorisVaping helps me a lot when it comes to health. I never touched or smoke cigarettes anymore from the first day I switched to vaping.
ChrisI was able to quit cigarette smoking in just a month and now i'm no longer using nicotine based eliquids. Thanks to the vaping industry i was able to improve my health
ChrisI am a cigarette smoker but when I discovered the benefits of vaping, I then switched to vape. Its been 3 months now that Im a vaper. My asthma attacks were lessened and cough due to smoking was eliminated.
BIG thanks to vaping!
ChristianVape on mga boss paps.
ChristianVaping is more Safer to our health than to smoke w/ tabacco or some other nicotine things!
ChristianVape is not harmful as cigarette. There is NO TAR(Cancerous Chemical) in any juices unlike in cigarette. I don't believe that Nicotine is harmful in my body because they found in vegetable such as potato, eggplant etc. Therefore vape is best tool for quit smoking.
ClariceAs a vaper, i would highly recommend to use vape than cigarettes. It's really healthful to our body. They should understand first how e-cigarettes improved our health than cigarettes before they imposed to banned e-cigarettes. Vape is life. Vape is really helpful for a person who wants to quit smoking of cigarettes. We should support the rights of adults to buy a regulated vape products. Vape Smart, Vape Responsibly. 🙂