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Supporting the right to vape – testimonials

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New Zealand

JennyI was a smoker for 41 years, tried lots of methods to stop, started using an e-cig in October 2015, have not smoked tobacco since then.
KieranVaping has the potential to save billions of lives. Anyone responsible for banning vaping should be charged with murder.
PauNicotine is known to be not significantly addictive (similar to caffeine).
Vaping is known to be a very low health risk to the vaper and the risk to other people is insignificant. These risks are unlikely to change over time.
There is no reason to associate vaping with smoking – the are not the same.
There is no reason for the WHO to be concerned with vaping and e-cigarettes as they are not a health hazard. On the contrary, they are a significant benefit if a smoker chooses to switch to vaping.
Selby Smoked for 16 years and the only thing that got me off them was vaping, after trying everything my doctor could give me
Without vaping id still be smoking, spending god knows how much on something that in the end would kill me
Te AraSmoked cigarettes for 16 years, been vaping for 2 months and I'll never go back it's saved my life.



AmaanBanning vaping is bowing down to big tobacco. Dont let this happen
AmmadI started smoking cigarettes at an early age and could not quit for years. Vaping ended my addiction to cigarettes and i feel a lot healthier.
ArsalanHealth experts state that vaping is around 95% less harmful than smoking and by switching to vape products smokers can significantly improve their health. Millions of people around the world have successfully used e-cigarettes to kick their addiction to cigarettes and these products should be regulated sensibly and made widely available.
Atif Please do not take this much healthier option away from people to prevent themselves from life threatening diseases due to smoking cigarettes.
ButThanks to vaping I have successfully left smoking. I had been smoking for past 10 years with an average of 1.5 packets a day. I'm thankful to the people who supported in me shifting toward the vaping.
DanyE Cigarettes should not be banned anywhere
Dr ShahidNo one said that vaping is totally safe and we vapers know that it is a much "Safer" alternative to tobacco smoking. It's all about risk and harm reduction.
HamzaThe switch from cigarettes to vaping has been phenomenal for me. I feel great ever since I've started vaping.
JahanzebVaping is my lifeline as i quit smoking with the help of Vaping and now feel much better. If vaping is banned i am afraid that i will not be able to resist the urge of nicotine and will start smoking which i do not want to
JasimI have been smoking for 12 years but not any more. I was going through YouTube, came across best vape tricks, found about vaping and how it is changing life around the world, tried it myself, since then never touched a single cigarette thanks to vaping and now it has become a hobby. I would love to see it that one day no more tobacco exist it becomes like cocaine illegal every where worldwide.
Kamran I used to smoke sheesha which is much dangerous than cigaretes and soon after ive started vaping i feel like living again
ModassirVaping is a healthier alternative to the stinkies and it has helped me quit my 18 year old habbit.
Muhammad Vaping is safer if we compare it to tobbaco smoking if vaping is banned than the generation would be smoking cigrettes and turing it to weed garda etc.
MuhammadI feel it safer than cigs.
MutaharIf banned I think the impact would be quite a horrible one.
Ramz Vaping is future
TahaVaping has been a life saver for tens of thousands of people, as it's a lot more safer alternative of smoking. If it gets banned, all the deaths that'll occur because of smoking and tobacco will be on the people that will pass the petition of banning Vaping. I'm sure nobody would want to live this life with such a heavy burden on their shoulders.
Think twice before getting to any conclusion and please think about the people, rather than the Tobacco industry.
UmarI have been suffering from Asthma, i have been smoking for the past 15 years, six months back i switched to vaping and never had asthma attack since then. Vaping really helped me out in quitting smoke.
Zain Sheesha smoker now a vaper.


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