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AdarshWhy something that is so beneficial in quitting smoking is being banned when cigarettes are still freely available on every corner of every street of every city in India? We all know for sure that cigarettes cause havoc, no doubts to that. Millions of people in India are addicted to smoking and there is literally NOTHING being done to help those smoke addicts. Vaping on the other hand, has much lesser chemicals and even the chemicals that are present in vaping liquids (VG, PG, Flavoring and Nic) are being used in food products, cosmetics and medicine on a daily basis. Why is the government so keen to ban vaping and push people back to something that is known to have 4000 plus chemicals and 80 plus carcinogens? Vaping has changed my and many other people's life. I can run, jog, climb stairs like a frog and not lose my breath. I have started loving my life, have become more responsible at doing my job. Vaping has helped me in every aspect of my life. Why am I being pushed back to deadly dangerous cancer-sticks? Why am I not allowed to choose a lesser harmful alternative to smoking? Why am I being pushed back to being an irresponsible citizen stuffing other people with passive smoking? Why am I being pushed back to be an addict to big tobacco? Regulate vaping if you have to, but why ban something that has so many benefits over traditional tobacco smoke?
AditVaping is stairway to getting cured from the nicotine itch. it works wonders… i quit cigarette by switching to vaping and now i am not vaping as well. you may think that i am some cheap pusher of new ways to get high, but yes. i have quit cigarette and vaping .by two tools…will power and vape. It needs some attention from everyone who wants to get rid of smoking habit.
Also i would like to add another view from the four listed views:
I have switched from smoking tobacco to vaping
If vaping is banned, I would probably smoke cigarettes again
If vaping were not banned, I would consider switching from cigarettes to vape
I do not vape but believe that everyone has the right to a less harmful alternative to smoking
which would be:
I switched from tobacco to vape to easy peasy quit all of it. thanks to vape.
Apurva I could never quit smoking, Because of vaping, I quit smoking instantly. My health has significantly improved since the switch. I can breathe more easily and have improved stamina and energy. Vaping is the best way to quit smoking.
AshwaniVaping saved my life. a 2 pack a day smoker, now I'm smoke free and feeling a LOT healthier.
Ayushif you want to ban vaping then ban tobacco cigarettes too
Baseeruddin I'm a successful user who switched from smoking to vaping. And I don't want vaping to be banned. Some could tolerate it, but otherwise many will switch back to smoking again and ruin their health again. Think about how many smokers have switched to a better and healthy thing like vaping and have made their lives better.
Beellz You should not ban vape , ecigs because it is the only hope where people are leaving cigarettes . if u want then why don't you ban cigarettes. you should support this movement , you can always tax them accordingly for your profits but banning is also losing your taxes and extra income. i support use of ecigs and vape products and i stand by it . i will have my info down , if u people have anything to say email me .
Bharath Why ban a healthy alternative to smoking? Is it because of massive lobbying done by cigarette sellers like ITC?
Tobacco is more injurious, How about banning it?
BhupindeAfter trying various means to quit smoking including but not limited to, Chewing Gum, Patches etc. it was vaping that helped me quit the shit.
I started with 18mg/ml strength of nicotine but was able to cut it down sraight to 6 mg/ml just in 3 months and I have firm plans to reach at 0mg level
Chetan I am a smoker of 15 years and I have finally switched to vaping and it is far healthier than smoking. I do not do it for fun but to curb my nicotine cravings. Please don't ban vaping without any substantial evidence of vaping being as bad as or worse than cigarette smoking
FaroukhNearly 23 years a smoker, pls dont do this, the tabacco mafias are behind the vapers, as they would start feeling the pinch very soon
or pls ban tobbacco too worldwide.
GeorgeI wont claim vaping is safe but i guess it safer as we know what we are using to a greater extend than in a cigarette. If you cant ban cigarettes then why Vaping? We could put controls like we have on cigarettes, say no adds on TV, quality control, etc but banning just makes it worse for a lot of people and kills the hope for a few more people living longer and better lives and not die sooner from cigarettes and Tobacco.
HaarisIf you wanna ban e-cigarettes cos they maybe harmful, please ban all the tobacco biased products and alcohol as its a well known fact, accepted by every one that are harmful (not 'maybe' like ecigs). if you can't ban those, then please allow us to choose the safer option and save our lives.
HaiderVaping saves my life…
I am living smokefree life
ImranTried everything for over 10 years to quit… From gums to patches to cold turkey… All failed except for vaping… This is more than a safer alternative to smoking this is a lifestyle n a community where each of us vapers help each other out… Out suffers Matt never fully understand this until they try it personally or one there near n dear ones are ventured from this… I for one am proud to have successfully quit smoking all thanks to the Chinese chemist who invented this wonderful product…
JacobNeed free vaping norms so that sellers can enter the market and we can have fair trade instead of a monopolistic market.
JagannathHaving been a smoker for over 20 years at an average of 40 cigarettes a day, I can definitely say that switching to vaping is the only smoke cessation tool which helped me quit and i have tried them all. nicotine patches, de addiction pills, nicotine chewing gum and nicotine lozenges, none of them worked. Vaping has helped me stay smoke free for 11 months now and in 10 days will be 1 year without a smoke. Vaping helped me go cold turkey from 40 cigarettes to ZERO. Initially at 12 mg nicotine, i presently oscillate between 3 mg and 0 mg and have never felt healthier. Infact even my annual medicals were spot on. VAPING needs to be encouraged as a sound alternative to smoking
Jagdish I used to smoke a packet of cigarette! Tried using nicotine patches and chewing gums nothing helped. Since I started vaping I havnt smoked a cigarette and my health has improved to a great extent!
JeetI wish for well being of cigarette smokers… Vaping is the way to make them quite tobacco harmful smoking.
KaizaadI quit smoking after 15 years thanks to vaping in one day its been 200 days am totally smoke free i support vaping it saved my life.
KunalVaping is much less harmful then Smoking a cigarette , 1 cigarette contains 4 thousand of chemicals in it with tobacco and nicotine causing various types of cancer , well vaping is what we are inhaling we knows it actually it's flavours include Vegetable Glycerin(VG) , Propylene Glycol(PG) ,Added flavour And (nicotine to kill the habit or addiction of smoking a cigarette) , doing vaping , well we are away from those harmful chemicals causing cancer and other disease which people are inhaling while smoking cigarettes , vaping flavours are also available in non nicotine so after ended up the addiction of smoking a cigarette , 1 should slowly start avoiding nicotine also and become totally free with addiction of Smoking and nicotine inhale both , I don't know why our government can't see this difference , not able to judge what is really good to make people of our country Smoke Free , I personally request to make vaping legal in our country And make our country a smoke free area .
My question is to the respected FDA
On A packet of cigarette it is clearly mentioned that it is injurious to health and causes cancer then why is it legal here in our country?
Madctrlk This is the kind of thing that saves lives. But as usual is being prevented because of vested interests. How can nicotine in tobacco, with the world knowing the harms of smoking tobacco, be ok to be sold than vaping which cuts out 95% of the harm.
Mathew I had been smoking regularly for the past 9 nine years, minimum of a pack a day and on odd days more than that. I also dint plan to quit the moment I heard about vaping (I had my doubts about it). The moment I got my machine it all changed. Initially I got some bad ejuices and was literally forced to drop the whole vaping idea to quit smoking. Nevertheless I kept vaping, I came across better juice websites and got some idea of what I was getting into. I just start vaping from 22 of July 2016. And I haven't smoked a single cigarette after that day.
Piyush Regulation is the way ahead.
PranavIt's incredibly stupid to allow smoking and banning vaping, I'm all in for tighter checks and control, but total ban would only be harmful to people, who intend to quit smoking. The argument about long term effects of nicotine is also one of the stupidest I've ever heard, we know that everyone who consumes tobacco is consuming nicotine + a lot of harmful chemicals, how come that's not banned?
PrathikVaping is healthier than smoking.
PritLets stop the Tobacco lobby sponsored genocide across the world!!!
RajenderSmoking consumers have been looking since long to quit the habit once they are in. Now they have got an alternative option and it is 95% less harmful to traditional smoking. Its consumer created business where people are asking they require these -cigs to quit, but you come up with a regulation with no public interests in them, maybe people will have fight for their vaping rights rather than a regulation from FDA and WHO.
SahibVaping saves lives no running from that. If not the best still way better than smoking tobacco cigarettes. Please don't abandon us from our rights to choose a healthier alternative.
Saket Had been smoking since 5 year but since last year stopped smoking and started vaping. No more lung problem and coughing.
SaurabhSmoking is Dead and vaping is the future. Leave tobacco.switch to vaping. 95% less harmful than smoking.
SaurabhI think everyone has the right to vape, as it is a healthier alternative to smoking. I have been vaping since 3 months now and I could already feel the difference in my stamina, taste and heath.
ShashankI have switched to vaping from ciggerates. I feel much better now and also have better sleep than before. Please get the research right before banning such thing. plus if you want to ban vaping ban ciggerates first which is proven to contribute to growing cancer. also it produces smoke pollution which all the countries are trying to tackle.
SouvikVaping is a better alternative to smoking. Period.
SriHealth is much better after kicking the butt.
Srinivas Please base your decisions on scientific data rather than 'opinions' of doctors and officials
StevenInstead of imposing a ban on Vapes regulate the industry. It safer than smoking as studies have shown. If you wanna ban vaping I would say ban smoking as well.
SurendraLet the people decide what is good n what is bad for them,Not some Tobacco n Farma companies who r gaining millions through Tobacco products.
SurendraWith out proper research,should not ban Ecigs.
SyedWas a smoker for 17 years, vaping help me kick this habit. I've been smoke free for 2 years now and will very soon be quitting vaping.
Vaping has cut down my nicotine cravings and I plan to quit it within 2 years max.( I'm already down to low strength nic)



BramI'm sorry before, i'm Indonesian Vaper and i wanna tell something about vaping. Vaping is not Smoking and Vaping 99% not harmful and Smoking 99% harmful. Please be smart to differentiate between Vaping & Smoking. Terima kasih 🙂



AndrewBest harm reduction nicotine product in the market


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