Supporting the right to vape – testimonials

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JaniI smoked about 6 years i was under age then, 16 or 17 i smoked over 20 cig per day didint knew that someday in near future it had some effects on my health. Well it did i switched to vaping when i got exhausted easily, food didint taste good, sleeping problems and lots of anoter stuff, now i have vaped almost year (im 23) and noticed big difference on my health, i sleep well my nights, i dont need to ad salt or spices to my food to taste it, i can even smell fres cut grass again. But the best part if this all, after 2 weeks of vaping i didint even like smell of cig enymore, it disgust me! i have lowerd my nicotine "dose" and i dont really need it enymore but it helps me be "part of the groub" when someone says " yo lets go smoke". so yes im afraid that if vapeing gets banned i switch back to cig.
JarkkoAccording to experts e-cigarrettes are far more less harmful than tobacco cigarette
Also new research proofs that inhaling vapor is similar to inhaling air
Passive vaping has no imminent effect to by-standers or biological effect what so ever. The cotinine levels are almost non-excistent
An adult person should have right to use nicotine in any way they want. If it was snus, gum, patches, tobacco or electronic cigarette.
It is our right to vape.
JarnoMy health has improved after I changed cigarettes to vape.
Joni I dont want smoke anymore cigarettes never, because my healty is so much better now (thanks for vaping) i quit smoking over 6 months ago and everyday i feel much better.
JoniI have been using vaping products for 5-6 years now. I switched from tobacco to vaping because i wanted a safed alternative to tobacco. If vaping is banned i will go back to smoking tobacco cigarettes.
Joona Wars have been strated for lesser reasons.
JoonaVaping is the best thing that has happened to me in 8 years, I feel so much healthier. Playing ball and other sports with kids are much more easily doable after I managed to quit smoking.
JoriI have vaping now about 2 years and im noticing positive changes in my life.
I dont want go back to cigarettes but i cant be without nicotine and nocotine cum make me puke
JukkaAbsolute lunacy to even consider banning vaping while cigarettes are freely available everywhere. It looks like the WHO is trying to protect smoking.
JussiNever smoked only vaped.
I have used zero nicotine e- liquid's
KalleHaven't smoked a cigarette after started vaping, 1year 11months ago.
KasimirI feel much better with vaping than smoking. And I havent get any axidents with vaping. If vaping machines can explode, cigarettes can burn full house and neghbors.
Kekkejoo Joo kyllä se nii menee prkl.
LauriI quit smoking with vaping and will keep vaping until it's completely illegal or banned. It's a terrible choice to ban an activity from people over the age of 18 that could save lives.
MarkoI quit smoking with ecig. I have had improvements in health after this. Please, let me vape
MikkoIhave been stop smoking with vape permanetly after 25 years of smoking. PLEASE allow vaping !
NiiloVaping is key for smokefree world.
RaunoVaping saves lives!
RikiI think vaping has saved my health.
SamiBanning will increase black market badly
TeroI have smoked for several years and i quit that habit with vaping.
i have random habit of vaping when people around me go for a cigarette and i think that if vaping is banned in some way or other i will resort back to my smoking habits.
This is totally unjustified when adult people like me (36yr old) are kept from our habits with some lame excuses like "think about children".
Well, yes we do, we do keep it from children. But laws and regulations should not be made with excuse of children when it affects the lives of adult people.
Firstly the responsibility of what children do or do not, is for childs parents and caretakers, not laws which affect adult people.
This is not a trend, this is not a thing to ban but more like this a thing that needs to be researched and to be implemented on peoples lives as subtitute for smoking.
TimoSmoked gigarettes about 20years and now ive been vaping for 1.5years. Now i have better health, lung capacity and lots of positive thinks. Now i only use 0.5mg/ml nicotine. (come dowm from 9mg). !!DO NOT BAN VAPORIZERS BECOUSE THOSE HELP PEOPLES!!
TinoI smoked for 13 years, then i heard of vaping, and i stopped smoking immediately as soon as i got my first vaping device.
TuuliaI have my rights to vape as people have their rights to smoke. Why is my choice worse than theirs?
AnonI have switched from smoking tobacco to vaping. If vaping is banned, I would probably smoke cigarettes again.



SueIn Europe e-cigarettes were already sensibly regulated and are now over-regulated. Over-regulation will do nothing but abolish vaping so far as efficient and effective vaping is concerned and will hand what remains over to tobacco companies. This will amount to a giant leap backwards and the potential for game-changing advances in public health will be lost ……. but then this was never about health but all about money.




Many people, myself included, have tried to quit smoking by conventional ways and have failed. Vaping has been the only way we have been able to quit. I really don't understand why governments around the world don't see how vaping is helping many people stay out of cigarettes. I don't mind having laws that regulate vaping, but laws that make sense. The Royal College of Physicians has said that it is at least 95% safer than smoking, and yet, governments still want to ban vaping or apply laws that will make difficult the access to all of the current vaping products ( and I'm not even talking about how many people will lose their jobs and businesses because of this, which is something terrible ). We only ask for a chance to keep vaping and staying away from cigarettes, for governments and people who are suppose to be in charge of our health to stop protecting the big tobacco companies, because deep down, its all about money, and it is sad.


Responses from India, Indonesia, Ireland